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Pacific View Dental Group is your resource for orthodontics in Ventura. Our highly knowledgeable team has been performing orthodontic procedures for over ten years, perfecting the smiles of hundreds of children and adults.

Our meticulous approach to orthodontics, combined with having a comprehensive dental team in-house enables our patients to obtain that movie star smile without compromising the health or hygiene of their teeth during the process.

How Can Orthodontics Improve Your Smile?Ventura Orthodontics

The practice of orthodontics aims to diagnose, prevent, and treat any irregularities in the jaw, face, and bite. Often these irregularities cause discomfort or impact a patient’s appearance, so treating them can increase both comfort and confidence.

When most patients think of orthodontics, they immediately envision metal braces attached to every tooth; however, with modern advances in orthodontics, there are many options for patients seeking a straighter smile or better aligned bite.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

In seeking a straighter smile, you’ve likely done some research about the various types of treatment options available to you. Some of the orthodontic treatments we office include:

Metal Braces – These are the traditional braces most people think of when considering orthodontics. A metal bracket is secured to each tooth and connected by wires. Patients get to choose their own colored bands to circle each bracket.

Ceramic Braces – Similar in function to metal braces, these brackets are made of tooth-colored ceramic, so they’re less visible and blend in with a patient’s teeth. Each bracket is connected by a wire, and patients can choose either colored or clear bands to circle each bracket. 

Lingual Braces – These brackets are attached to the inside of the teeth and function the same as metal braces, only they don’t impact the outward appearance of your smile. 

Invisalign® – The Invisalign® system involves wearing a series of clear, removable aligners, which slowly shift your teeth over time.
Spacers – Prior to getting braces put on, spacers may be used to create small gaps between teeth, so they can be moved more effectively.

Palate Expanders – Some patients inherit or acquire a narrow palate. These patients will have a device attached to the roof of the mouth to expand the width of the upper jaw.

In addition to these services, Pacific View Dental Group’s Ventura orthodontist provides comprehensive treatment planning, so each patient achieves a straighter smile that lasts.

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